Monday, March 28, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S 4G SGHT959V Review - Android (T-Mobile)

The Samsung Galaxy S 4G is the newer version of the popular Samsung Vibrant. For the most part, this Android  smartphone is very identical in design and feature to the previous Samsung 3G Vibrant. Some call this the Samsung 4G Vibrant, but should be more appropriately called the Galaxy S 4G. 

Performance Improvements
I own this phone and I can honestly say that it does not lag or perform sluggish whatsoever. It features the 1GHz Hummingbird processor which is capable of handling virtually all tasks, apps, and everyday functions of today's smartphones. It comes with stock Samsung-flavored Android 2.2, not Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Still, I have no complaints about the performance and functionality of the smartphone at all.

The screen is Samsung's signature Super AMOLED high resolution screen. Compared to 90% of mobile devices out there, this screen is extremely clear, responsive, and capable of playing HD quality pre-loaded Inception movie. The Samsung Galaxy S 4G is of course capable of high-speed cellular networks, but its availability is still limited. T-Mobile is the only one in my area capable of 4G, so I'm happy. But remember to always check the availability of 4G networks in the area.

Some of the inherent flaws of the Vibrant is still evident, but overshadowed by its positive attributes. For instance, there are no LED light indicator or LED camera flash. For some users coming from a phone with LED indicators or camera flash, it may be something to get used to-- but for others it may simply be insignificant.

The phone features a front-facing camera, very thin profile, and very light-weight design. It feels quite sturdy and well built. Due to the extremely bright screen and power consumption, battery life is limited. However, I was able to find a nice app in JuiceDefender, which manages my power very well. I have found my battery life increase by 1.5x longevity. The overall design mimics the iPhone quite a bit, with its own Samsung flavor.

The internal memory is a weak point for the smartphone. The smartphone struggles to maintain an arsenal of apps without the use of Apps2SD type of apps. Most popular apps supports SD transfer and installation now. But without a large internal storage, users are largely dependent upon the included 16GB MicroSD.

In essence, the Samsung Galaxy S 4G is a high performing Android smartphone. The screen is definitely nice to look at and its ability to perform lag-less functions is certainly welcomed over lots of sub-average smartphones out there.

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